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Thread and Account verification Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my trial thread?
There is no such thing as "thread activation" If you have not received your thread upon signup DO NOT ask to provide it - you receive your thread immediately after confirming your phone in your profile section.

important Yet, 5% of the time you might not receive a thread. If that is the case, you should create a ticket to the trial department asking for a thread.
I can't verify my phone, what's the problem?
If you are unable to send SMS back to us, we suggest to use another phone, check the problem with your carrier or send the code back to the numbers provided on your profile section.
I don't see any phone verification option in my account, what should I do?
In this case the only way for you to verify your account is by purchasing a thread for either full price or remaining amount required for purchase.
I've made a mistake when entering my phone number, how can I change it?
You can change your phone number every hour, in some cases we don't allow members to update this information in their profile due to security reasons, submit ticket to our tech. department and they'll update your account.
My phone number doesn't match my country ID, what should I do?
Send us your Utility Bill showing the actual phone number associated with your address and we'll verify the account manually, or make sure your entering your phone and your country international calls code. Also, if you are under an anonymous proxy you won’t be able to verify your account.
Where should I send the SMS code back?
You should send it back to the number you received it from: +447937946882 or +19494840033.

Earnings, Deposit and Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't my earnings as available balance instead of current balance?
To have your money appear as available so you can withdraw your payments make sure you follow the necessary requirements:
  • -Your phone is verified!
  • -Your profile is fully fulfilled with all your details! and at least one of the following accounts created:
    1. Make sure you use the email that you used to register at Paxum.com!
    2. Make sure you have the account in Perfect Money field starting with: U123456 <- Can be obtained by logging in to your account!
    3. Make sure you use the email that you used to register at Egopay.com!
  • And after you complete all this steps a payment link will be available under the payments tab.
important Keep in mind that money earned prior to your account verification stays on current balance and can be used to buy new threads.
I don't see the withdrawal option for my account even though my payment account information is updated in my profile page, why?
Withdrawals are available to all members via Paxum, Egopay and Perfect Money, there is however a minimum withdraw amount which may vary depending on the payment processor you are using.

If you have less than this amount in your available balance that's the reason you can't request payout yet.
Why are my payments pending?
This is to prevent fraud, and the payment needs to be verified. This process is done manually, so it may take a few hours or a few days to complete.
Can I withdraw to my Credit Card or my Bank Account?
We are working every day to support new and better payment processors. In the near future Credit Card and Bank Account withdrawals will be supported.

Troubleshooting and Fixes Frequently Asked Questions

What Operative Systems are supported?
hreadManager supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC OS.
What is "Error sending report" problem is about?
This is not a critical problem and should be ignored. Whenever we request info that does not exist on server anymore you are likely to see this message. It does not affect your earnings in any way. If it affects your earning recover your computer to a prior date of the error occurrence if the problem persists try to reinstall your program.
I have installed the software but nothing happens, what should I do?
Check your internet connection/firewall/proxy.
I am getting error "Floating Point Overflow", what should I do?
Please update your program to the latest version.
When I try to run ThreadManager, all I get is an error of process creation. What is this?
Install the latest version of the ThreadManager! If it persists make sure you have the following components:
  • - Latest service pack for your Windows!
  • - Net Framework 4.5!
  • - Your Windows XP/7/8 is up to date!
  • - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  • - Microsoft Visual C++ 2007 Redistributable Package
I am getting an error saying "Invalid Token" what do I do to fix it?
Request a new token in your Profile page, copy it to the program and click Save Token!
ThreadManager shows current earnings but the website shows a different value, why?
The website refreshes daily at midnight server time (GMT +5)! Your earnings will be updated in the website by then!
Can I use multiple computers under the same IP? With the same account? Or with different accounts?
Multiple computers under the same LAN/IP can only run different accounts, with PAID threads and CANNOT be referrals of each other! Run one account per computer ONLY!

Promo Frequently Asked Questions


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